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All about us


We are Laury and Andy, and we do NOT always come as double, but this blog was an idea that both of us had in mind, and therefore a common introduction seems to be just right.
Both of us are in our early twenties, and for the moment we are in a long distance relationship, which means that traveling and eating on our journeys towards each other is inevitable.
Not surprisingly, this blog idea emerged during our travels while being super critical towards a not too bad (BUT far from being outstanding…) Italian restaurant. Yes, being fastidious about food is what we like, because if it’s not better than a home-cooked meal, why being bothered to spend money, right…?

In that way, you can expect from this blog to receive weekly (hopefully!) updates about our latest restaurant reviews and travel experiences, and maybe some other little stories about us. Note that this blog persists of our personal experiences, so all our culinary and cultural reviews will be based upon our truthful and personal records. All the photos and videos have been taken by ourselves.
-Laury & Andy.