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Favourites of the Month | February 2017

Seriously, the month of February is way too short… so short that I barely had time to spend money! However, spending less money does not necessarily mean that I have nothing to share. So here are my six favourites of the month of February.

1. Food place of the month: De Bakkerswinkel in Utrecht

For some of you who have watched or read our previous favourites of the month, you might have expected more travelling to explore good places to eat. I’m seriously blaming it on the weather. It’s been raining non-stop here in the Netherlands and my motivation to explore different cities was very limited. Luckily, Utrecht has many cute spots to explore, such as this charming bakery called “De Bakkerswinkel”. You might have heard me complain about the Dutchies’ massive bread consumption, but I honestly don’t might eating the bread they serve at this bakery. It’s super delicious, along with their pastry, coffee and other brunch meals. Definitely a cute spot to check out if you’re around the Universiteitskwartier!

2. City experience: Bike tours along the canal

It’s a simple, free and authentic experience and on top, you burn some extra calories (especially with this crazy wind this month!). Recently, someone showed me a new path to bike home which is way nicer since it takes me right along the canal. Ever since I really enjoyed unwinding my evening by simply following the cutest little paths. And honestly- that’s how you end up discovering the heart of a city. I’m sure that you could do the same when exploring Amsterdam. Just rent a bike and follow your nose!

3. Book of the Month: The Girls by Emma Cline

This novel is a gripping take on the Manson Murders that happened in California in 1969. The story is told through Evie, a fourteen-year-old girl who struggles to find a place in the world. Constantly craving recognition, she encounters the girls of Charles Manson’s cult. Evie grows attached to the free-spirited and boundless group of girls whose leader is slowly shaping them into ruthless murderers.

I didn’t like this book so much because of the story or the psychological patterns behind such a murder. I was more intrigued by the writer’s subtle ability to underline the story with a strong feminist tone that questioned girls’ self-perception in a world dominated by aesthetics and looks. I am very much looking forward to Cline’s next work!

4. Hula Hooping

Michelle Obama does it. Liv Tyler does it. BeyoncĂ© does it. And recently, I have done it too. I’m talking about a super fun workout: hula hooping. It’s no longer just some outdoor toy for children but has been used as an efficient hourglass exercise tool. There’s a huge ‘hooping’ community on social media and multiple tutorials to follow online. Who knows, I might become good enough to show you some tricks… but keep your expectations low!

5. Healthy Bites

Recently, I’ve been into healthy snacking. I’ve been obsessed these days with those Goji Cacao Bites <3. They are raw, organic and taste like heaven. It’s so easy to indulge in the right way.

In case your local supermarket does not sell them, here’s a very simple recipe to create your own little energy snacks: all you need is half a cup of oats, 2 tbs peanut butter, some raisins or dried cranberries and honey. Mix all the ingredients together, form little balls with your hands and let them cool down in the fridge for twenty minutes. And there you have your guilt-free bites!

February is our anniversary month. We’ve been together for two years now and I hope that many more years will come. But honestly, love is our all year favourite!



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