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Why I don’t take any lessons from 2016

I hate the abundance of fitness adverts that appear on TV straight after the holidays. It essentially puts you in an uncomfortable position, reminds you that you ate too much and that it is time to burn your fat- the classic among the new year resolutions. But at the end of the day, I have to pack my cynicism away and acknowledge that the Earth’s turnaround does indeed trigger some self-reflexion.
2016 – I would even say that one of the biggest “blessons” (lesson&blessing) was my graduation from university. Receiving my bachelor degree in London meant so much to me and showed that one shouldn’t shy away from big dreams. I arrived in London without any friends,  my spoken English was mediocre and my specialisation in secondary school didn’t entail English lit at all. And still, my heart was in it and I graduated with a first class degree. That was a blessing. A lesson was the goodbye from London. Even though it was more of a love-hate relationship, the love clearly had the overhand in it. I learned to become independent and that I have to rely on myself if I want to achieve things. London is a city of many great opportunities, you only need to grow into the right mindset to seize them.

Thus, what are the lessons I take away from this past year? Am I supposed to know? I am impressed how people can list all the lessons they take away from 2016, because it essentially means that they have learned from it and know how to become a better version of themselves in the following year. Yet, not all of us can snap their fingers and recite what they take away from the last 365 days. That’s why I started this post off with a bit of cynicism because I am one of those people who is struggling with coming up with a clear-cut lessons-list.

I believe that New Year’s Eve is a bit of a challenge for people who are in a rut. People whose vision and dreams have become a bit blurry. People who wish they knew how to distinguish between the good and the bad choices in the previous year. People whose river stream has come to a sudden, inexplicable halt. People like me.

Self-reflexion shouldn’t be limited to one night, not even to twenty-four hours. Figuring out where we went wrong and why we are not at peace with ourselves shouldn’t be happening overnight. So my “new year resolution” is to figure out what it is that’s really at the core of my situation. Why I am not at peace with myself. If we don’t have enough love and understanding for ourselves, we cannot give love to others.

“You are enough. You are so enough, it is unbelievable how enough you are.” -Sierra Boggess

I am twenty-three years old, and it is time to figure out WHY I am enough as a person. It is funny because seven years ago I was sure why. But people change, our core is never steady. I hope that 2017 will entail some epiphanic moments in which I will rediscover what my passions are, why I breathe every day and why I give and attract love. And I know that it won’t happen overnight. And that’s OK because it is not only a resolution but a change.

The self-reflexion will start here and today. Culinaryandcultural will still exist and go on, but I cannot promise you guys what direction it will take. I still love food and travelling, yet perhaps the blog will get a bit more personal than before. Maybe not. Perhaps it will take me back to the stage. Perhaps I’ll follow my passion for writing. Perhaps I’ll pick up dancing again. We’ll see. I hope you’ll follow me on this non-determined path.






  1. Nerea Nerea

    Aaah a great post, seriously. I loved it. And of course I’ll follow you on whatever path you take! (i’m planning on following you for maaaany many years)

    Loooots of love Laury, love you!! :*

    • Thank you sweetheart 🙂 Oh yes, I hope I’ll have you for many years by my side! Love you too :*

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