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Living the million dollar life…

…except we don’t have the money.  But sometimes, you need a little bit of luck and that’s how you get a taste of what it would be like to live the million dollar life. So let us tell you how we spent one morning at a wellness in a five star hotel, we were even offered champagne and paid with nothing but our gratitude.


Planning to bridge our journey to Italy with a stay in the mountains, we booked a modest and cute apartment in Bad Hofgastein, which is a small but charming town close to Salzburg. Its high season is in winter, being a popular destination among ski lovers, but it is just as relaxing in summer to inhale the fresh mountain air and go for a hike.

So after having booked the apartment, Andy and I started at the Belgian coast and drove down to Austria: an eight hour journey. I don’t need to tell you how relieved we were when we finally arrived. Yet, imagine the emotion that’s overtaking you when you enter the lobby of the apartment building to find no one there. And THEN imagine the feels when you call them, and they tell you that your apartment isn’t free, because the former tenant decided to extend his stay. Great feeling, right?

And here comes the sunny part of the story: given that our booked apartment wasn’t free, we were upgraded to one of their better apartments of the hotel. And my, let me tell you that this surely was an upgrade! Our apartment had three floors, of course an entrance hall, a big kitchen, two bedrooms with three different beds, and even a bath tube. AND besides this, we were given a voucher for four hours of Wellness at the hotel with which the apartments were affiliated.



So, we should perhaps call these tips ‘the favourites of our trip to Bad Hofgastein’:

  • We were offered the wellness voucher, because we booked via Secret Escapes. They have amazing offers for relatively luxury hotels and apartments. The only disadvantage is that you need to be flexible with the travel dates they offer.
  • The service at the apartment was outstanding. They treated us really warmly, and even if we might not correspond to their usual clientele, our experience at the Wellness in the Goldberg Hotel was exceptional.

Failure is the stepping stone to success. -Mimi Ikonn

And after this experience, we couldn’t agree more with Mimi’s statement. Sparkles on Apple




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