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How we fell in love with Verona

Do you know these places where you do nothing but walk and still take so much richness in? Verona is one of these cities.
Apart from the obvious great stuff, like Juliet’s balcony, the tunnel with a myriad of couples’ names written down and the food (as always in Italy), this city has these little spots of charm that lead to new, unexpected discoveries.

Just now, after several months since we returned, I still recall the smell of the rain that was pouring down one evening. It didn’t rain the whole time, but then out of the blue (literally :D) little floods were running through the streets. And suddenly, it didn’t make a difference anymore if you were a tourist or a native, everyone was trying to fit into a dry shelter.



Also, try not to stay at a big hotel. It is much more authentic to stay with Italians or just to rent your own apartment for a few nights. That’s actually how we discovered the world’s best gelateria (C&C ranking). From our balcony, we watched until late at night cars stopping at the road to enter this mysterious place- locals only, no tourists. So one day, we decided to follow their traces and that’s when we found out that we probably discovered the most popular gelateria in the province of Venetia. So the best insider tip ever: go to “Niqu” gelateria in Verona! 🍦🍦🍦

Speaking of food, it was also in Verona that we ate the best pasta in our entire lives. And I don’t want to sound melodramatic, or hyperbolic BUT I’m a pasta-love to the core, and when I’m telling you that it is the best pasta my tongue has ever touched, then you have to trust me.

Tomatoes, olive oil, mozzarella di buffalo and pesto- Italians know how to create magic out of the simple things in life. ✨


Verona is definitely on top of our travel destinations, and if you have never been to Romeo& Juliet’s block, you should definitely take a weekend off to do so! Also, can you please check for us if no dumb-ass has crossed out our names in the love tunnel, we would appreciate it. ☺️




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