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Vietnamese cuisine in Utrecht

Asian cuisine in the Netherlands is a real Thing, as I hinted in the more general post about Utrecht. So in-between all the uni and work stress, Andy and I finally found the time to try out Kimmade. At this point I should probably also apologize for our deferral when it comes to posting, I hope I can improve my time management, but I’m really not lying when I’m saying that a day should have more than twenty-four hours…

Back to Kimmade. Before you go there you should be prepared to be patient; the place is tiny, very popular and you cannot make any reservations (yet). So, either you are really lucky to get a table, or you just order take-away at the counter and wait outside, OR you are extremely determined (e.g. Andy & I) to wait outside until another table gets free. As a disclaimer, we waited forty minutes. But then, I once was lucky enough to immediately get a table, so perhaps take great care of your karma that week if you’re an impatient person…

The menu is very short and straight-forward, but authentic. As a starter you can have rice rolls, as a main they offer either phở, rice or rice noodle dishes. All of the mains can either be order with beef, chicken, tofu or shrimps- hence, meat, veggie, pescetarian and vegan friendly. Very simple, but that’s what brings an authentic touch to this place, compared to all the hip-modern Asian restaurants that try to impose a certain ‘chichi’ on their menus. Kimmade follows a street food concept, and if you’ve ever had street food in Vietnam, you know that it’s simple, cheap but super yummy.




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