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Utrecht à la française

Bonjour mes amis! Before we move on to the next destination of our Culinarycation 2016, we have to share another stunning place with you.

The charming little restaurant is called Bistronôme des Arts, and is situated right next to the canal. The interior has a subtle French taste: wine bottles and old furniture tastefully decorate the place, and in the background you hear Edith Piaf singing about the things she doesn’t regret.

The couple who owns the restaurant have emigrated from Paris to Utrecht which certainly helps the French authenticity to emerge.

I was amazed that this place served one vegetarian meal of the day, which didn’t only consist of the regular plate of grilled veggies and pasta. They really put as much effort into creating a wonderful vegetarian plate, as in preparing their meat or fish. So the first time I went there, they served excellent stuffed peppers, and the second time, I was served grilled aubergine filled with rice, goat cheese and berries. On top of this, they sprinkled some almond. Besides, I was served the same veggies and potatoes as the meat variation.


As a starter, Andy enjoyed a skewer of ‘scampis’ in a delicious sauce provençale. As a main, he ordered steak with pepper sauce, and he had the same assortment of veggies and potatoes on the side. If you order wine, the servants come to you with the blackboard, so they are directly present if you need any guidance or suggestion.

However, if you decide to eat at le Bistronôme des Arts, please bring some patience and time with you. I believe that they are still slightly under-staffed, which slows the service a bit down. Nonetheless, the waiters and in particular the owners themselves are really attentive and make you feel as if you were looking at the Dutch canal with a Parisian perspective.


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