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Greek vibes in Utrecht

Before we dive into this post, we have a big announcement: we have a youtube channel and our first travel vlog is online! 😀
Here’s the link:

When you think of Dutch cities, you don’t necessarily think of Greek food. Indonesian, Japanese or French cuisine however, are the norm in the Netherlands. In general, Asian kitchen has established itself among the Dutch culture, and is considered as a part of their culinary specialities. When you go to Europapark in Rust, you will see the only Asian restaurants at the Dutch corner. It is common for chippies, or frituurs as they call it in Dutch, to serve Chinese food alongside chips and other fast food.

Now you understand why we were so surprised to find a fair amount of Greek restaurants in Utrecht. So of course, we had to go to the bottom of this Greek-mania.

The interior of Sirtaki was charming, with a lot of wood and chandeliers, and black and white portraits of old films stars- a mixture between vintage and Greek kitsch.

The food was amazing, just right for us hungry travellers. 😛 Also, if you’re vegetarian, Greek restaurants have plenty of veggie dishes to offer.

As a mezze we had a Spanakopita which is a spinach pie and a very traditional dish in Greece. As a main, I went for a vegetarian pita which, as you can tell from the picture, was super yummy.  Andy went for a gyros plate with rice and veggies- and he looked super satisfied.
Also, the restaurant is close to the dome, so it’s a great location to visit the centre of the city.
But please- whenever you’re lucky enough to stay in Utrecht, go and have some Greek food! And if you come across the restaurant (it’s in the video too) please let us know. 😀

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