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Welcome back& intro to our Culinarycation 2016

We are back from our Culinarycation!

14 days full of spontaneity, fun, sun and of course food… perhaps too much food 😀 Somehow we successfully managed to drive more than 5’000 km completely unorganized. Initially, we planned to stay somewhere close to home, just to save a bit of money. As we didn’t really fancy to stay in the rain, we packed our stuff at 3am, and drove southwards. And guess what, we ended up spending a sensible amount of money. Buuut first things first; let us introduce you to our Culinarycation 2016 😉

We will fill you in with details, tips and tricks every week, but this week we’ll just give you a little introductory insight into our trip.

1. Utrecht (planned), the Netherlands
Laury’s future city of studies. And as we found out, a secret haven of an amazing Greek restaurant.


2. De Haan (planned), Belgium
This Belgium coast town is such a charming village in comparison to the tourisy cities of Ostende or Blankenberge. When you walk through the villa parks, you feel thrown back to Belle Epoque- on a modern bicycle.


3. Bad Hofgastein (unplanned), Austria
Initially, we wanted to go to Salzburg to visit one of Andy’s best friends. With our clever way of booking (details will follow the next weeks…) we were lucky enough to stay at one of the most beautiful hotels I’ve ever seen in Bad Hofgastein.


4. Verona (happened as we saw the sign post on the highway…), Italy
Our personal city of love. Well now it is, at least. 😀 And if we were to live in Italy, it would be this city. Oh and yeah, have you heard about #foodgasm? Totally experienced it in Verona…


5. Pula (seriously, has anyone ever heard about this city?) Istria, Croatian Peninsula
Never judge a book by its cover- and we were seriously disappointed at the beginning, but as the sun went down this city woke up. We travelled around Istria, so a lot to follow about other Istrian cities. And about an exclusive island- with zebras.



6. Strasbourg (a last stop to delay our come-back), France
France from its best side, such a lovely city with a final food feast to end our trip.


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