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Two cheap, lazy food-prep recipes for work

Both of these recipes have been improvised, prepared and approved by us. They are both vegan, just by coincidence. 😉

Mediterranean bulgur salad
This recipe works, but bring some chewing gum with you if you don’t want to be onion-smelly.


-half of a shallot
– half cup of bulgur
-cherry tomatoes
-red peppers
-mint leaves
– one lemon
-one spoon of olive oil
-salt, pepper and other seasoning of choice

Bring the bulgur with double quantity of water to boil, then let it soak for 10 minutes. Meanwhile rinse and cut all the other ingredients, and mix them together in a bowl. When the bulgur has cooled down, add it to the bowl. Finally, squeeze the lemon over the bowl, add the olive oil and season after taste. That’s it!

Sweet lentil, rice salad
Such an easy and fast recipe, that’s super filling and gets you through a tough day of work.


– lentils
– half cup of rice
– cherry tomatoes (mistake, try avocado instead ;))
– cucumber
– half of green apple
– olive oil
– lemon
-other seasoning of choice, salt & pepper

Cook the rice, drain it. Meanwhile cut all of the other ingredients. Rinse the lentils if you don’t want to get gasy at work. 😉 When the rice has cooled down, just mix it all together in a bowl and add the seasoning. Finito.

Bon appétit!


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