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How to save travel money

In one of our previous posts we talked about how you can feel like a tourist without leaving your country. This week we want to show you a few simple hacks that will help you to save some money to travel, and during your travels.

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  • Ditch the obvious costs
    By this we mean using public transport for a certain time, avoiding eating out in restaurants, quit smoking and watching movies at home instead of going to the cinema. These might be obvious, but pay closer attention if you are really applying them- and be honest with yourself.
  • Book smartly
    An affordable holiday begins at home. Book your flights early, and avoid checking the same flight again and again; computer scientific sources have proven that a frequent checking of the same flight routes increases the price- nasty, right?When it comes to your stay, is a hotel really essential to the quality of your holiday? How about booking a bed& breakfast, or an apartment where you have loads of privacy as well as your own kitchen, which saves you a lot of money if you’re OK with cooking on your holidays. Airbnb, for instance, is definitely worth a try.
  • Be flexible
    This one is probably the hardest, but definitely the most efficient. There are many travel websites that offer bargains for amazing destinations. They often offer flight, hotel and transport in one package for an affordable price. The only down-side is that the date is determined. If you’re one lucky student, or anything else that allows you to be flexible, these are certainly helpful to check out. Here are some we know: holidaypirates, urlaubsguru, etc.
  • Food
    Don’t follow the tourist masses when it comes to food. Avoid restaurants at public, touristic places. Not only is the quality often poor of these restaurants, but they take advantage of the tourists’ naivety and charge some extra money. The best thing is to ask locals to get decent recommendations.
    It is important to stay hydrated on your travels. At the airport however, water can be quite costy, and you’re not allowed to bring a bottle from home, as the security check won’t let it pass. Yet a simple money saving hack is to bring an empty bottle and fill it inside the airport with tab water.
  • Packing& clothes
    Cheap flights stay cheap as long as you’re not being charged for extra luggage. If you manage to pack only a trolley, you save a lot of money with cheap airlines. So when packing your bag, take a second to think about your choices- do you really need two bikinis? Are you sure that in South France it will be necessary to pack three sweaters? Also, if you choose to stay in an apartment, the chances are high that a laundry machine is included in the facilities.
    To all those guilty souvenir buyers, let’s be honest- do you really wear that t-shirt you bought on your last travels, or that dress the locals did that exotic dance in? Probably not. So think twice before you buy clothes when you’re abroad. Often the beauty of them relates to its location, but not to your office at money

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