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A culinary journey to Ethiopia

We had no clue what Ethiopian food was, except that we were expected to eat with our fingers (yaaaaas!).

Starting with the location, they clearly put effort into creating an African design, which nicely sets the mood right from the start.

ethiopia 2                                                                                                           ethiopia 1

When it comes to ordering your food, you get to choose between different stews, called wat, which are served with a sourdough flat bread called injera. Different than in Arab cuisine, the ordered dishes are served all together in one big bowl. The stews are served on top of the injera in this bowl, which allows you to pick the up the meat, veggies, beans and sauces with a piece of injera.

ethiopia 4

Being new to the Ethiopian cuisine, we struggled defining which stew has been ordered by whom, and ended up mixing them and eating from every stew. As you can see on the photo below, we left a big mess when we finished… eating with fingers proves to be harder than expected. 😉

The taste is extraordinary, and I couldn’t quite associate it with anything I’ve eaten before. The sourness of the dough wasn’t exactly my cup of tea, but I’m not saying that it wasn’t a decent meal. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who likes to explore a culturally diverse kitchen as the restaurant serves good quality food, in an authentic and culturally organic manner.

ethiopia 5

A must-try is the coffee after the meal, which is served in a traditional pot called jebena, and is one of Ethiopia’s national beverages. For us, the coffee might taste extremely strong, but it reminds how coffee is originally served in its countries of origin. In fact, the country of Ethiopia is the original source of the coffee plant coffea arabica, which suggests that the consumption of coffee has started in Ethiopia itself.

All in all, Chez Jimmy is a nice introduction to Ethiopian cuisine for anyone who likes to go on a culinary journey.

ethiopia 6


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