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Why effort is tasty

As much as you wouldn’t like to eat a chewy steak, you wouldn’t like untasty vegan food. Even though none of us is vegan, I like to eat vegan food from time to time, because it actually tastes amazing.

Therefore, we thought it a good idea to try out the vegan brunch organised by the Vegan Society of Luxembourg. Turns out we were wrong.

In general, their offer was very generous; entrance was 20€, and you could feast from 11am until 4pm. Also the selection was not too bad, ranging from salads, to cold appetizers, to hot meals and even desserts. Really disappointing was the effort they put into the presentation and the use of the products. The hummus, served on bread pieces, was stiff, the samosas were cold and the pasta sauce tasted like chopped tomatoes from a can.

The disappointment didn’t only relate to the food itself, but to the message this event was supposed to spread. Andy had never tasted vegan food before, and as a passionate meat-eater, he was quite suspicios towards a vegan diet. With a tolerant mind he accompanied me only to be frustrated by the quality of the food. Veganism should be a positive message and consciously create a community which CARES; cares about the environment, the animals and the health of humans in general. This vegan brunch however, looked as if its organizers didn’t really care about the food they served, if vegan or not.

The vegan movement is a movement I do support without any doubt, yet the message should be conveyed in the right way. And I would not judge so harshly, if I had not eaten delicious vegan food before.

vegan brunch1                                   vegan brunch

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