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How to be a tourist in your home country

Travelling to another country is fun, but can be pricey. However, even if the budget doesn’t cover a flight or a road trip, it’s always possible to live the tourist experience without crossing borders. Some among you might forget that your own country attracts at least a few tourists per year, who choose to spend money to explore, well- your home (unless you’re living in a very remote place, but not too remote to attract attention in the media…).

Discovering new environments, tasting unknown food or meeting new people doesn’t mean heading for another country. The experience of travelling starts with the mindset you have at home.

We worked out a few tips for you how you can embrace the tourist experience without travelling to another country.

1. TRAVEL to appreciate homeĀ 

OK, stop that eye-rolling now, and don’t judge us for being contradictory. I know, we just told you that you don’t have to leave your country to be a tourist. That’s true. BUT, if you choose to never ever leave your own four walls, you will miss many chances to broaden your mind with new impressions. Without expanding your horizon, it is difficult to appreciate your own surroundings, because habit makes you take things for granted, such as your home, your culture or your language. We’re not telling you to live the jet-set life, but staying abroad once in a while helps to shape the view of the place you call home.

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2. Support regional and local products
Food can be comforting, because the taste, even the smell, reminds us of home. Equally, food can be exciting, because certain tastes are completely alien to our palates. You don’t have to look very far to understand that travelling and food go hand in hand (*cough, our blog, cough*). Food exploring doesn’t mean that you have to go to another country. Instead, try to discover as many local and regional markets to expand your culinary knowledge of your country, and how you can incorporate local products into your meals.

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3. Learn interesting facts about your home country
Are you one of those bookworm tourists, studying all the fussy facts and figures about the country you’re travelling to? Wouldn’t it be interesting to read a guide about your own country? Besides the fun, you’ll be well prepared for your next travel to tell people from different countries why they should visit you and your home country.


4. Holiday routines
Even if time or money make it hard to travel, you should always find time to take a day off to refuel. On a day like this, try to avoid anything that you wouldn’t do on a holiday either, like doing laundry, or worrying about what you will cook for dinner. Instead, order a pizza, don’t even get bothered to eat it on a dish (because on a holiday, you wouldn’t wash any dishes right?), and just soak in the sun, read a book, or snuggle with your loved ones in front of a TV show.

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5. Do touristy stuff

No one says that you’re not allowed to do touristy activities in your own country. Even hiring a guide in your own capital city should be fun. And if you feel ridiculous sightseeing your home, you could always fake an accent.
To all our Luxembourgian followers (or everyone else who wants to visit Luxembourg), here are some fun suggestions:

– cross-country skiing in winter
– hiking in Mullerthal
– kanu rafting (in Insenborn or Diekirch)
– chilling at lakes (in Echternach or Lultzhausen)
– parachute close to Wiltz
– The Family of Man exhibition in Clervaux
– museums in Luxembourg city
– exploring the casemates in the capital city
– discovering the many castles such as in Vianden


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6. Always stay curious
No country is boring. It all depends on your mindset and your own engagement. Like a tourist, try to follow events, take part in cultural festivities or even political matters. Stay engaged and curious for what’s happening around you, and you will soon see that it’s not always necessary to leave home to be part of a great adventure. Learn to appreciate the little things, and you’ll be at a happy place at home.

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