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The Vegan Experience

No meat, no fish, no eggs, no dairy- in short, only plant-based products are what a vegan diet consists of.
Even though the ethical motivations for this kind of diet have been widely explained, many people are still baffled how one can stand to live off plants.

I (Andy is a meat lover, so for this one I took a friend) really wanted to know what a vegan meal tastes like, and without much effort I found a vegan restaurant right at the middle of Oxford Street.

I really didn’t expect such an ethically conscious restaurant to be opposite of Primark and in the middle of tourist waves. However, as soon as I entered the place, I noticed that I’d never been anywhere similar. The colours and the smells were really inviting and organic. Before we got to your table, we passed the deliciously looking buffet. As we didn’t really know what to go for, we decided to order from the menu.

On the menu, they explain everything about the diet, and with all the little diagrams and quotations included, we took fairly longer than usual until we were ready to order.


Finally, we went for ‘Oasis of Sahara’ and ‘Southern Volcano’. The first one was a flax seed wrap with avocado, hummus and other veggies, and the second one was sqash with spicy coconut curry, again topped with other veggies.

The tastes were different, but delicious, and well- healthy. Even though we weren’t able to identify all the tastes right away, we felt fresh and energized after the meal. So we decided to take a dessert on the go… vegan of course.

If you want to experience a different, but certainly pacific and healthy diet, Vantra is the place to try.






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