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We weren’t expecting that…

Imagine this: your friends keep telling you to go to this one Italian restaurant, and then comes the day where you decide to finally follow their advice, you get into the car, drive to the place- and end up standing in front of a slightly shabby building at the edge of a junction.

Even if you are tempted to go to another place that serves for sure decent food, you still decide to stay a faithful friend, and push your way alongside a car trailer (why would anyone put it right in front of the entrance of the restaurant?).

Inside the restaurant, with half-closed eyes, we ignored the lack of decoration and let the waiter convince us that their kitchen is truly Sardinian, and that the fish meals and home-made pasta are their speciality…

This story takes a happy turn, because their food proved that one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover!

So here’s another side of the story; the kitchen of this place focuses on one region in Italy, namely Sardinia.


Unlike the stereotypical Italian places, they don’t offer pizzas, but only meals that are typical of the Sardinian region. The products are cooked when ordered, meaning that nothing is pre-cooked, nothing is wasted and the used products are regional.

Even so the friendly service, the abundant plates and the fact that the whole restaurant is managed by one family warms your heart in an authentic, Italian manner… there you go- first impressions do not always count, at least not at Sardinia Restaurant!

13120640_10209433655264223_276904933_o Of course we ended the day with a little dolce…

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